so… Hi world.

To begin an explanation of my writing style. I am not formally educated in anything related to the proper grammatical formatting of the english language nor the study of using it to be compelling or dramatic. My diction, syntax and tone are subject to sudden and unwarranted change, as is my mental narrative ,bro. On occasion i shall make mistakes. (see the lower case “i” from earlier as an example) I do what I can and what I deem prudent in relation to the importance of the subject matter, with a direct correlation to my sense of purpose to the medium. I am 20 upon blog inception and a canadian immigrant to the U.S. I write at the behest of a fellow writing friend of mine, who compells my to stretch my figurative writing muscles for the purpose of practicing the craft and releasing my psychosis unto the digital world. I may be poinient, I may be banal, I may secretly be a moose, and I may be funny; time will tell. with all that set, let’s begin.